Is Weed The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

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There is nothing worse in the world than a bad hangover. It literally feels like you are dying. Anyone who has experienced one knows that it feels like a sickness you may never recover from. You curse the world. You curse the alcohol. Maybe you swear that you will never touch a drop again, even though you know very well that you will. Sometimes you spend half the day by the toilet, and sometimes you can’t even leave your bed.

Everybody claims that they have the best answer to “cure” you. They swear by it. They force it on your broken body despite all of your objections, then grow confused when it doesn’t work. Maybe you didn’t do it right. Or you are just different from them, they say. “It always works for me,” their refrain as they back away and leave you in your misery.

But, legend has it that there is something out there that actually rids you of the curse of the hangover. Legend has it that one solution out there actually cures your affliction like a Polio vaccine cures Polio. That solution is weed. But does it work?

The Hangover

To break it down, we should explain what a hangover actually is. It really comes down to dehydration. Alcohol depletes your body of water and acts as a diuretic, clearing your body of lifesaving fluids. When you wake up, your body is depleted of water, which causes the headache and the nausea that destroy you.

But, you ask, Vault News if that’s true then why can’t I just drink water to get rid of my hangover? Well, Jimmy, if only it were that simple. Once you are experiencing the deadly effects of the hangover, you are too far gone. Eventually, sure, yes, water will rehydrate you and bring you back to life, but not for hours and hours.

The other problem with this is that if you’ve ever been on your death bed after a night of drinking, you know that putting anything in your body feels like the worst idea in the world. You may be hungry or thirsty, but the second you ingest something the nausea comes up and you feel like you want to throw up.

Of course, some people are smart enough to drink a lot of water before or during their drinking binge. This actually does have an immediate effect. Keep in mind that if you drink several glasses of water before going to sleep, your chances of a deadly hangover are greatly reduced.

But this is a guide on what to do once you are already too far gone, so the bottom line is water won’t work. But what will?

The Cures

Like we mentioned, everyone has a recommendation. “Citrus,” they say,”just drink a big glass orange juice.” Those poor fools, how do they not see what that will do. Nothing, of course.

“Gatorade,” some say. Phooey to that, your reply. “How could I drink something so sugary and gross, I will vomit in your face if you suggest that again.”

“A big breakfast, grease and more grease,” some sadists recommend. Your sardonic laughter carries for miles as you treat their insane suggestion with all of the disdain that it deserves. How could you possibly even think about such things when the very thought of food makes you want to curl up and die?

The fact is that these cures actually do help. They are not immediate fixes, but over the course of several hours, you will begin to feel better when you reintroduce water and vitamins back into your system. But in the meantime, you need something that will help you overcome the vomiting or the headaches that cripple your ability to do literally anything.

You need something that will let you get up and do what you need to do to get better.

Enter Weed

So, here we are. The big kahuna, the white whale is weed. Now, if you were paying attention earlier, you might have noticed something peculiar.

If a hangover causes you to become dehydrated, how would weed work? It, in fact, dehydrates you as well.

This is true, of course, but there is more to it than that. Weed attacks the symptoms, not the cause. There is a reason that cancer patients are often prescribed the ganja for help with Chemotherapy. It fights nausea and it fights headaches, two of the biggest symptoms of the hangover.

When you smoke some bud, you may feel mobile again. The dizziness starts to fade and you feel like yourself again. You also want to eat. This is very important. Your body has been depleted of nutrients. Weed can help you because it encourages you to eat and drink. It hides the symptoms and lets you get yourself back on your feet.

Its like a loan. If you just smoked and did nothing else, you would find yourself in a worse spot than ever. But if you take your bud as an investment and use it to help yourself drink and eat and restore your body, then it truly is the hangover cure.

So, Should You Smoke Weed For Your Hangover?

The answer is probably. Don’t do it exclusively, but if you need the motivation or the ability to stand up, then smoke some bud. You definitely don’t want to get so high that you become glued to the couch, but a nice sativa can do wonders. We recommend packing a bowl of some of your favorite bud, then getting up and drinking and eating.

If you combine the cures after smoking weed, you will feel your hangover fade, so you can do it all over again the next night.


So, hopefully you never find yourself in this situation, but if you do, there is still hope. If you wake up feeling like the world is ending and there is no hope for survival, then try some good bud. Good luck, and stay sober!


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