Weed Vs. Alcohol: The Great Debate

Weed and Alcohol

Credit: Dabs Magazine

Look, when you get right down to it, there are two main competitors for drug of choice out there. You already know which side we favor here, but we’ll try to keep it unbiased. Alcohol and weed have both been around for centuries, so now its time to decide which one is better.

Alright, maybe not better, but at least which one should work for you on a given night. The fact is that these two both complement each other and work against each other. We’ll compare and contrast like nobody has done before. At least on this sight. So, without further ado, here are the answers you have been waiting for. Which is better: Weed or alcohol?


This is the most competitive category because it really depends on what floats your boat. We’ll look at each one.

Alcohol: Getting drunk is like feeling like you can do anything. You may act like a fool, but you will feel like a king; at least as long as you are the right amount of drunk anyway. Alcohol makes you feel loose and uninhibited, which can be great for parties and social situations. It can lead to a bit of rowdiness however.

Weed: There are a number of effects, but we’ll keep it to the basics. Weed tends to mellow you out and make you want to relax. You feel calm and euphoric, sometimes energized, but always relaxed. It can be a little too mellow, and some people react by getting knocked out almost immediately after getting high. It really depends on your tolerance and how much you smoke!

Advantage: Tie!


This is also pretty subjective, but we think weed has a slight edge here. Think of it this way. On The Pot Vault, you can get an eighth of great bud for $35. This will last several nights of moderate smoking or a night or two of heavy smoking. It is hard to get incredible drunk for several nights for under $35.

Alcohol is often pretty pricey, especially if you’re getting it at a bar. But even if you do buy a bunch of liquor, you will have a tough time getting very drunk. And it won’t feel good to do it. We will give alcohol one advantage here, which is that you can only drink so much of it. Now, we know that you probably know some people who think otherwise, but with weed, you can practically smoke all day and not feel too awful. But if you try doing that with alcohol, you’ll be throwing up all over the place. Still, not enough to give it the edge here.

Advantage: Weed!


Okay, okay you thought this was gonna be a one sided affair, but there are some things that weed still has to make up for. The fact is that weed just can’t compete in this category while it is still illegal for recreational use. Now, we know that it may be super easy for you to pick up. And in fact, it should be even easier thanks to The Pot Vault, and our delivery all across Canada.

Still, it just doesn’t quite compare to going down to the local deli and picking up a six pack. Or going to tons of bars around the city. You would have a hard time not being able to find alcohol most days, so it wins pretty easily here. With that being said, we have yet to see what the weed market will look like in the next couple of years. This could easily change or at least even out.

Advantage: Alcohol!

Side Effects

Now, this is the ultimate tiebreaker, and unfortunately for alcohol, its not even particularly close. We’ll start with alcohol. First, in the short term, it can easy cause severe drunkenness, sickness, and even death. That’s not to mention the nasty hangover that can await you on even a night of moderate drinking. Alcohol can also lead to long term addiction, and has been shown to cause a number of diseases including liver failure. There’s literally a famous phrase, “drank themselves to death.” Suffice it to say, a lot of bad things can happen from too much drinking.

On the other hand, there are few proven issues like that for weed. In the short term, yes you can get too high. But this is mostly a mental thing and goes away with no risk of hangover. Now, the great part of weed is that most of the side effects are actually good. Too much smoking can be bad for your lungs but you also have a number of mental and physical illnesses that can be treated with the ganja including depression, cancer, insomnia, and irritable bowel diseases. Now, that’s not to say you should be high all the time, but there are significantly fewer proven side effects to weed.

Advantage: Weed in a landslide!

The Verdict

Well, you can see it for yourself, weed wins. It was close, but as we have shown there’s really no debate. Kidding, of course there’s a debate. The truth is, it really depends on what you’re in the mood for. And, as we’ll cover in the near future. You might also be interested in doing both at the same time. Now, because we called it the great debate, we had to pick a winner, but don’t feel sour if you lost. Instead, just drown your sorrows in your bottle, that loser. Or, smoke a victory joint. Whichever you want, just enjoy it to the best of your ability.

Well that’s it, the debate is settled. Pack up your bags and get out of here. It was a close one, maybe next time alcohol will have better luck. Until next time, stay decided!


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