What Is The Deal With Microdosing?

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You might know someone who talks about Microdosing. Taking small amounts of weed at a time for questionable reasons. They make claims about what it does and the health benefits and why they need to do it, but maybe you didn’t buy it. There are a number of reasons why people do this, and we’ll get into why and how they do it. Here is your guide to everything you need to know about microdosing marijuana.

What Is Microdosing?

Simply put, this is when you take the smallest amounts of weed possible to still get an effect. Basically, staying on being barely high, without crossing the line to stoned. The goal of this process is to get all of the benefits of being high without the negatives, at least where health is concerned.

Keeping on the high threshold allows someone to start just the process of being high. Almost like cheat codes in video games, you skip the difficult part and get straight to the good stuff.

Why Do People Do It?

As we mentioned, a lot of microdosing is done for health purposes. There are a number of potentially negative effects of weed that can arise from smoking. You might not want to become exhausted, or so stoned that you can’t focus on work. Many smokers fill their bodies with THC until they can hardly function, which might hurt other facets of their life.

Marijuana has been shown to help treat a number of diseases. So it makes sense that you would want to avoid some of the pitfalls. Here are some things that microdosing can help treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Lack of appetite

With each of these, microdosing can help mitigate potentially harmful factors. Going about your daily life high can be a real drag, especially if you are prone to being tired or out of focus. But going throughout life just on the verge of being high is not so bad. It might be manageable.

How Do You Microdose?

Here is where some of the difficulties arise. You’ll need to figure out what your threshold is for marijuana. The last thing you want is to think you’re going to test the waters and end up ripped. Those who do it recommend starting off small, with around 3 mg of marijuana. You’ll need a minute scale to set aside that low an amount of marijuana.

Once you do figure it out, you will need to test how much actually gets you on the threshold. Work your way up until you barely feel the effects of the weed. Someone actually made a questionnaire that can help you take a shortcut. Check it out here.

Now, you’re not there yet. You still have to decide what the best option is to consume it. There are more decisions than you think.


The most common form of consuming weed might not actually be the best. One, it is very inefficient and can lead to you needing to spend more on your weed than before. It also is a smelly option and can be difficult to do discreetly.

That being said there are positives. One, it is the easiest option, and requires few extra tools. Also, you will get less high, so it may be easier for you to control your doses.


An increasingly popular choice for stoners is to vape their weed. Not only is it more efficient than smoking, but it also leaves no smell and makes it a lot easier. Additionally, a preloaded vape can make it very easy and discreet to use.

Vaping is a great option if you want to pick up a vape and start selecting very precise measurements. Take a look into the science and art of vaping to learn more.


This may be one of the best and easiest ways to microdose weed. Because you can put your weed into concentrate form and then just eat it, it is a very easy way to start microdosing in your daily life. Additionally, concentrates tend to last longer, which means that you’ll be able to just do it once instead of possibly several times.

One downside is that it is hard to tell exactly how much weed is in each part of your concentrate. You can do the math, but it is often not exact. However, simple trial and error can more or less erase this issue.

Are There Risks?

If you are worried about potential problems associated with microdosing, you won’t find many. One issue can be if you consume too much, but that is not a huge deal because you will just return to normal after the high has worn off. If you plan on doing it throughout your daily life, this can be an inconvenience.

Other pitfalls can occur if you are prone to being tired after you smoke. It can still occur, although likely it means you are smoking too much. To avoid this, you can look up strains of weed that tend to lead to more energy, and this should help alleviate the problem. You’ll want to look at sativas in general because those are closely associated with energy and focus.

On the whole though, you won’t find many serious risks of microdosing. Studies on the long-term use of marijuana look promising in terms of health effects and tend to show that there are more benefits than risks. Do your own research if you are concerned about health problems, both physically or mentally.


The bottom line is microdosing can help you if you are looking to see some of the medical benefits of weed without any side effects. Start small and get bigger as needed, and hopefully you will find your perfect dosage. Good luck and stay lightly stoned!


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