How To Roll A Perfect Blunt?

The blunt is the Rolls Royce of smoking options. Sure, there’s always a place for a quick joint sesh. Or a huge bong rip. Or even a few bowl hits out on the green. But if you want to smoke like a champ, nothing is better than a nice blunt.

They pull nice, they smoke nice, and they feel good. A whole crew can get in on a nice L, and that’s what you want. Its the best communal option for a reason. But, as with everything good, there’s a catch. They can be a pain in the ass to roll.

Its such a process that rapper Waka Flocka Flame was looking to hire a professional blunt roller for personal use for $80,000 a year. It can be time consuming and somewhat difficult, not to mention, costly. So, here is what you need to know to get your blunt skills on lock, so your friends always need to invite you for your L skills alone.

Step 1: The Wrap

If you don’t know what a blunt is, this is your primer. It is a cigar unrolled, then rerolled with weed in it. It does contain tobacco, since the cigar is wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Now what you will need first is to obtain a cigar to roll your blunt in.

This is a constant debate among L connoisseurs, what should you choose to roll your log. Some like the Backwoods, or even wrappers that are already unrolled. If you like these, you can skip a few of these steps. For our purposes, we’re going to go with the old classic, the Dutch Master.

These are cheap cigars that are use almost exclusively for the purpose of rolling blunts. We don’t recommend smoking them straight because they are actually kind of gross. But for the purposes of the L, they are perfect.

Step 2: The Unrolling

This is the most careful process of the blunt. Now, the Dutch is more complicated because it has two leaves, so if you shows Swishers or Backwoods then ignore the first part.

The tobacco leaf on the Dutch is the outer wrapper. You will need to unroll it very gently to leave it intact. To do this, you must first wet it. This can be kind of gross, but the best way to do it is to lick it. You can also dab some water on with a brush, but do not submerge it because you risk ruining the inner wrapper.

After you have wet it, find a seam at the end of the leaf that will allow you to unroll it in one piece. Very carefully unroll it without poking holes or ripping it. It will look something like the image below.

Next, you will have to unwrap the inner leaf. This is much easier. Find a nice grip, and either rip it down the middle in a straight line, or use a blade. The key is to not rip it and to keep it straight down. The inner leaf is generally brittle, so keep it clean to avoid holes later.

The last step of unrolling is to simply clear out all of the tobacco in the cigar. This is pretty low-quality stuff, so no need to keep it around. Toss it in the garbage to avoid a mess.

Step 3: The Rolling

Now you’re ready to get the fun started. First, you need to grind your your weed. Blunts generally use more bud than joints because of their length. A general rule is to use about a gram of pot for your L.

Once your green is nice and broken up, you will need to fill up the wrapper with it. Make sure it is even and neat in the middle of the inner leaf.

Now that you are all prepped, its time for the actual rolling. Grip the wrapper in your hands and roll the weed into it gently. Look at the picture below for an idea how.

Rolling the Blunt

Credit: Leafly

Once you have it fully rolled in, fold the top of the wrapper of the bottom. Lick the inside of the top as you do this to get it to stick. Once you have a nice log that is fully enclosed, you are almost there.

The last step is to roll it back in the outer leaf. Hopefully it is still moist, but if not you may need to make it damp again. Wrap the damp leaf over your L in a similar way to how it was before. Once you are all rolled in, you can rip or cut the excess. When you’re done, you should have a straight and thin blunt that’s almost ready to smoke.

Step 4: The Smoking

Almost there, you are about to experience weed heaven. The last thing after you are all rolled up is to bake it a bit to dry it up and get it ready to go.

Hold a lighter up to the blunt, but not directly on it. Turn and move the L over the flame without burning it. Spend about 30 seconds drying the whole thing out and getting it stiff and ready to go. Once you are done, you will notice that your L is much firmer than before.

Now its time for the fun part. Hold up one end of the blunt with the other in your mouth. Light the end for a few seconds while pulling on it. That’s it, now you’re smoking the blunt of a lifetime.


And there you have it, the perfect blunt. Impress your friends, your enemies, and even your boss (don’t show your boss). This is a true skill you can show off for years. Most importantly, your blunts will be really fun to smoke. They are clean and fun to smoke and tend to get you nice and ripped.

As always, smoke in moderation and make sure you are comfortable ingesting a small amount of tobacco before you smoke. But, if you are prepared, this is the ultimate way to get high in style. So good luck, and keep it blunt!


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