How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weed Money

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There’s no way to get around the fact that weed costs money. You’re going to have to pony up dough if you want to get high. Now, for some people, this is just a minor inconvenience, or not even a thought. If you’re one of those people, congratulations, you’ve made it. For the rest of us, paying for bud can be a struggle.

Many of us have found ourselves scrounging for lost weed, or pulling together cash to pick up a dime from our dealers. There’s no shame in the hustle, but there’s more ways than one to get the most out of your money. So here’s the Pot Vault guide to squeezing every penny when it comes to your weed.

1. Accessorize

This may seem counterintuitive, having to spend more money instead of just buying weed, but you’ll see the benefit very quickly. Here are some of the best options for efficiency:

– A Grinder

Not only do grinders make it way easier to break up your weed, but they help keep it all together and keep you from losing excess weed. Every stoner should have a grinder because it will make their lives easier and save money. Make sure to buy one with a kief catcher, so you can save up the most potent parts of your weed.

-A Vape/Dab Rig

One of the best ways to save money when smoking is to start using concentrates or vapes. You can squeeze every bit of THC out of your weed by cooking concentrates and smoking them later. A vape can be used for concentrates for maximum efficiency, but you can also buy one to use with flower. They are great because they are much more efficient than normal forms of smoking.


Don’t sleep on the glass. A good bowl or bong is worth its weight in weed. When you get an expensive bong, its not just a great luxury, you’ll be able to get higher from every hit. Its much, much easier than a blunt or a joint and you’ll notice the difference from day one.

And these aren’t even including more specialty items like storage containers and roach clips. The trick is to find accessories that let you get higher with less bud. That’s always the name of the game. But not everything can be controlled on your end alone.

2. Know Your Dealer

With legalization around the corner, the days of a sketchy dealer charging you 60 dollars an eighth are rapidly falling behind us. But, there is still some time before that happens, and it doesn’t mean that all distributors will be great. Your best bet is finding an online dispensary, so you know you won’t be getting mids or being shorted.

We recommend buying your weed straight from The Pot Vault to ensure that you have a trusted dealer. Not only are our prices cheap and competitive, but you can trust that you’ll receive fresh bud and not be shorted on any of your orders.

Of course, no matter who you choose, just make sure that you trust them. The worst feeling in the world is when you feel taken advantage of. Don’t let that happen. Once you find someone who you like, don’t let them out of your sight.

3. Store Carefully

This is one that many stoners forget to pay attention to. They just put their weed wherever is convenient with no mind to freshness. The problem with that is weed does dry out and lose it dankness fairly quickly when left in the open. Always try to keep your bud in an airtight container and don’t let it out in the open.

We recommend mason jars or specifically designed weed containers. Don’t use ziploc bags or your underwear drawer because these things kill potency like Liam Neeson kills terrorists.

With a solid container, your bud will lose its potency and moisture. That’s how all dank kush becomes mids. It doesn’t matter the strain or the original potency. Without freshness, you’re going to be out of luck. But with proper storage, weed can keep potency almost indefinitely. That’s a pretty good investment under any circumstances.

4. Buy Larger Amounts

Another thing that doesn’t make sense until you consider efficiency. Spending more money on larger amounts of weed can save you money in the long run. Its like buying anything in bulk. Wholesale purchases are almost always the better deal, and weed is no exception.  Buying wholesale means you’ll get better prices. Now, we get that its not for everyone. It depends on how much you smoke, and how much money you have to spend on bud.

But if you do have enough to buy an ounce instead of an eighth, you’ll be able to notice the savings you experience almost immediately. Be sure to take note of #3 though because you don’t want your pot to lose freshness.

5. The T-Break

Another solution that may help is to take breaks from smoking every so often. Science shows that your tolerance can be reset by taking a break of 2 weeks to a month from smoking weed. What you’ll find is that your cannabinoid receptors are able to reset to their more natural levels.

Try it. If you’ve been smoking heavily for some time you’ve surely noticed that it takes more weed to get you high than it used to. Your best solution is to lower your tolerance again, so that it requires less weed to get you stoned.


So, hopefully you find these tips helpful. Everyone needs some help making the most out of their money. If you budget right, and stick to the script, you’ll never feel like you’re left wanting more. So, keep your money tight and stay strong stoners.


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