Is Drinkable Weed The Next Big Thing?

These days, it may seem like there’s no end to the varieties of weed on the market. Edibles have been around for years, of course, and now dabs and vapes are the hot ticket. But a new challenger is approaching. One that hopes to take the throne from the other contenders, or at least share a part of it. Here’s what we know:

The Product

Drinkable marijuana. Now you can finally drink your pain away without a drop of alcohol, or added to alcohol if you prefer. Of course, different forms of weed have been on the market for years. But those were nowhere near the volume set to hit stores in the near future.

Recently, Puration Inc, announced a plan to throw its hat in the ring to create a cannabis-infused beverage after estimating that the weed market post-legalization will be around $8 billion. Constellation Brands, which produces Corona, among other products, also recently revealed that it has bought into a drinkable marijuana company with an eye towards 2018.

Those companies are looking to capitalize on the legalization boom with a product that competes with beer and alcohol. Already, the race is on to see which products make distribution in time, and which ones appeal to consumers, the pot smokers.

The Contenders

Since there are already products on the market, we can have speculate on what we might be able to expect from the new contenders. Some of the more adventurous stoners may have tried Green Dragon, a nasty homemade blend of vodka and weed that borders on the undrinkable. Luckily, the other products on the market bear little resemblance to the DIY weed.

For starters, only some of the products are even alcoholic. In fact, most aren’t. Cannabis Quencher is a brand based in California that makes lemonades and juices for the right kind of buzz on a summer day. Its not available in Canada yet, but expect similar drinkables to be available in the coming year.

Of course, with Winter approaching you’re probably not going to want a cool glass of lemonade to get you through the snowy days. Luckily, warmer options include tea and coffee to keep you high and dry. One company, Fairwinds Cannabis, even makes pot filled Keurig cups for maximum convenience.

Now, we know that Constellation Brands is in on it, and they make Corona and other spirits, so figure there’s going to be a fair bit of alcohol involved. The company has already alluded to beer that will be available along with soda. There are many cannabis-infused beers on the market already. Unfortunately, many are just for flavor and do not involve a high.

Hemp Ale Drinkable Weed


Hemp Ale is one of those brands, also based in California. It boasts a “unique, herb-accented flavor profile” that will delight any stoner. However, we’re still going to need to do some guessing on the effects of the high.

The Effects

Here’s the fun part. Like edibles, each drinkable has its exact THC content listed for a precise high. Some products allow you to select from indica or sativa effects as well. This means that you’ll get a nice high however you like in a liquid form.

In general, most users report a calm body high similar to sativa effects that leave you happy and relaxed. None have been reported as powerful as edibles, though that may change as demand goes up.

Also like edibles, drinkables don’t require smoking, something that means people with asthma and other diseases will still be able to get a clean high. Also, what better way to skip the effects of cotton mouth entirely than drinking as you get high?

For the alcoholic beverages, you’ll naturally get a buzz as well. Makers of those products caution to be careful when combining the effects of both, something stoners likely know very well.


So is drinking your weed something your interested in? Let us know in the comment section, and stay stoned!


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