The 6 Best Strains For Getting Through The Holidays

Its almost that time of year. The holidays. Don’t get us wrong, we love big family dinners and bonding time as much as everyone else, but it can be a stressful time. There’s no avoiding your the uncle who wants to talk politics or answering the same questions from your grandparents about your job or your life.

There’s one way we know to kill that stress of a long time with the family. A little bit of bud. But of course, not every strain is right for every mood. You don’t want to spend a day out with the grandparents exhausted, and you don’t want to be awake all night right before Christmas.

So in honor of the winter spirit, here’s out guide for the best strains to choose to make it through the holidays:

1. Ice Cream

Nugs of Ice Cream

Nugs of Ice Cream

This is an indica-dominant strain that is smooth and clean. It draws its name from its sweet aroma that will remind of a cool and delicious treat. Ice Cream hits hard and is a great choice for reliving stress and anxiety. Smokers report a strong feeling of numbness as well as an serious increase in appetite.Watch out with this one though, because its 19% THC content will get you extremely ripped if you’re not careful.

Perfect For: Holiday dinners and gatherings with the family. In a time known for big Christmas dinners or reunions, you’ll need stamina but also to be calm. With ice cream, you can ease the anxiety of the rushing and the questions coming at you from all everywhere at once. Not to mention that ice cream is the perfect strain for raising your appetite ahead of a big meal.

You can pick up ice cream from the vault here.

2. Durban Poison

A newer, sativa loaded strain. It has a spicy flavor that adds to the burn of smoking it for a pleasant aftertaste. Drawing its name from the South African port city, its exciting effects have earned it the nickname “the espresso” of pot.

Perfect For: A full day of activities that require you to be alert and ready for action. Skiing, ice skating, curling- all great choices for the most active strain on the market. Need to spend time with those pesky nieces, nephews, or cousin? No problem, Durban Poison will keep you alert and happy for a long break.

3. Northern Lights

This is an absolute classic strain that has been around for years. Its pure indica bud will have you in a daze and seeing the “northern lights.” With a smell that’s both spicy and sweet, Northern Lights will have you feeling calm and relaxed. It is often used for its effects as a muscle relaxant, anxiety reducer, and sleep assist. Just don’t plan on doing much after smoking this strain.

Perfect For: Getting to sleep after a hectic holiday gathering. Everyone knows the feeling. After a long family event, everyone has gone home. You still have things to do, but you’ll let the rest be done in the morning. You lie down to sleep, let you head hit the pillow, and…nothing. Your head is racing and you just can’t get to sleep. Luckily Northern Lights is used to treat this exact problem. Pack a bowl of this bud and soon enough you’ll be dreaming of the Aurora Borealis itself.

4. White Russian

Another standby that is a 50-50 hybrid of indica and sativa.  This award-winning herb boasts an insane 22% THC content, which will smooth out any rough edges you might have. White Russian’s sweet berry and citrus flavor will help cure your anxiety as it works its magic. Named after the classic cocktail that has the same stress-relieving effects, add White Russian to your bud rotation to keep it classy.

Perfect For: Recovering after an intense Q&A session with your parents. Most people know the feeling, no matter how old you are, of seeing your parents for the first time in a while and getting grilled about every aspect of your life. Money, jobs, significant others. Nothing is off limits. It’s exhausting and stressful, and we’re pretty confident no one enjoys it. But now, there’s something to look forward to. Like The Dude in the Big Lebowski, after a long and tough time, give yourself a break by mixing yourself a little White Russian.

The vault is fully loaded with White Russian, which you can pick up here.

5. Blue Hawaiian

This sativa-dominant hybrid has a well-document ability to keep you energized and calm throughout the day. Blue Hawaiian is a great choice for a full day of activity, or spending a quiet day in the sun. Its hybrid nature means that you won’t be bouncing off the walls, which makes it perfect for creative endeavors. Ride the waves with Blue Hawaiian for a relaxed and alert high that’s perfect for almost any occasion.

Holidays Shop

Perfect For: Getting through the weeds of holiday shopping. This is one of the toughest struggles of the holidays. Gift shopping. No matter how you approach it, it almost always ends up in headache. That’s why you should light up some Blue Hawaiian first, so you can be calm and awake for a full day of buying presents for every friend and relative you have. Come to think of it, Blue Hawaiian might be a great gift by itself.

You can scour the vault for some Blue Hawaiian magic here.

6. Strawberry Ice

A top choice for many stoners, this sativa-dominant strain packs a punch but leaves you energized and ready to work. Strawberry Ice is an award-winning strain that draws its name from the pungent aroma of strawberries that it gives off. It is an excellent choice for hitting the gym, or doing other activities that require a lot of energy.

Perfect For: Talking politics with your crazy uncle. Look, you know its going to happen. The holidays always include at least one family member that doesn’t shut up about this side or that. You’ll surely have the Trump-loving nut or uber liberal aunt who just doesn’t quit. You’ll need to be good and relaxed, but also alert enough to hold your own, lest you be completely overwhelmed. That’s where Strawberry Ice comes in. The perfect mix of relaxing and energizing, that leaves you with clear, coherent thoughts.

The vault is filled to the brim with Strawberry Ice, which you can pick up here.


There you have it, the ultimate guide for getting through the holidays. Pick up some or all of these strains and you’ll make it through (relatively) unscathed. Happy holidays, and stay ripped!


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