The Best Strains To Combine With Drinking

Drinking and Smoking

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Some people are just happy with smoking some weed, and this is certainly perfectly find, and probably for the best. But others may want to combine effects and have a good time. So, without further ado, here are the best strains of bud to choose when want to combine drinking and smoking.

1. Blue Lime Pie

A combination between the Key Lime Pie and Blue Power strain, this is an indica-dominant strain that packs a powerful THC kick. You will love the flavor, which tastes like pie and citrus. You will also love the euphoric and relaxing effects that are perfect for a chill session.

Perfect For: A chill evening at a local dive bar.

This is not the best choice for going out for a full night of partying because of its psychoactive effects and high THC content. This is the perfect strain to have a few drinks at the neighborhood dive bar before calling it a relatively early night.

2. Sweet Island Skunk

This is one of the sweetest and most pleasant daytime highs. As a 80% sativa dominated hybrid with a 19% THC content, this the perfect medium high that can keep you going for a full day. You will go crazy for the energy and euphoria that Sweet Island Skunk brings your day.

Perfect For: Day drinking outdoors on a nice summer afternoon.

This may be the best strain choice for a full day of drinking in the sun. It keeps you up and full of energy, so that you will remain ready to keep going. It may seem distant now, but soon the first day of Spring will come, and with it, the excitement of the outdoors that feels all but lost in this frigid time.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

This is a solid classic that has maintained popularity thanks to its excellent uplifting effects and the positive aura that comes with it. You will get an extreme body high that relaxes you, while also bringing the energy and excitement to keep you going.

Perfect For: Hitting the dance floor on a night out.

Girl Scout Cookies’ effects are perfect for a night of physical activity because of its incredible body effects. Drinking and smoking this strain will give you the energy to show off to all of your friends (or in our case, look like a fool for that much longer).

4. Cantaloupe Wreck

This is a winning combination of Cantaloupe Haze and Ice Wreck that brings an excellent chilling and spicy aroma and flavor. It offers a calming, but energetic creative high that can be great for social activity and brainstorming.

Perfect For: A chill night drinking with friends.

You probably do not want to smoke this and spend a night out because it is too calming and you will eventually get sleepy. But having a few friends over for some drinking and hanging out is the perfect activity for this strain. You will feel excited and imaginative, so get your notepad out.

5. Sour Diesel

This is an all time classic strain of weed for a reason. It is a sativa dominant strain that helps alleviate depression and stress, so get ready to feel these positive effects. It also has a strong and unique flavor which is perfect for pairing with food, hence our recommendation below.

Perfect For: Smoking before a chill dinner and a couple beers.

You can still go out for a night on the town, but our favorite technique is to work up a heavy appetite with Sour D then go out for a big and delicious dinner, which, of course, includes a nice dose of drinking. After a Sour D blunt and a few beers, you will be filling top notch ready for whatever comes next.

6. Durban Poison

This is the outdoor exciting time of your life type of strain. It is a pure sativa, which means that it will give you excellent body effects. You will feel great and energetic and ready to take the world by the horns after smoking this incredibly THC loaded strain.

Perfect For: Laying it all on the line with a crazy all-nighter.

This is it. If you are looking for a night of heavy drinking but want to get it started off with a bit of bud, then look no further than Durban Poison. It packs a heavy punch, so be careful not to get too ripped. But with a few solid hits of this strain, you will be feeling right and hyped up for a night where anything could happen. Please remember to smoke and drink responsibly.

7. Black Bart

Switching lanes a bit, everyone needs to calm down at the end of a long night. Be careful smoking when you are too drink because it can lead to dizziness. But this indica dominant hybrid is the perfect way to get to sleep at the end of a night when you just want to pass out but can’t quite get there.

Perfect For: Relaxing and getting to sleep after a long night out.

Like we mentioned, this is for when you want to close out the night on a high note. This is the best option to induce relaxation and sleep quickly and soundly. Roll up a blunt before you go out for maximum efficiency.


So there you go. Most of these strains are available right here on The Pot Vault, so check out if you are interested.

Remember to drink in moderation and not risk getting into any dangerous decisions. Also, note that many people begin to feel sick if they drink too much and smoke. The general rule is to smoke before you drink, but not the other way around. However you do it, just make sure you are safe. So good luck, and stay drunk!


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