The Best Ways To Store Your Weed

Classic Marijuana Storage Method

Ahh, storage, the most forgotten aspect of being a stoner. The one thing everyone forgets about when picking up any quantity of weed, large or small. Any casual smoker can find a place in their underwear in a Ziploc bag, but the true Herb-isseur will need a more sophisticated method. Let’s dig into why its so important take care of your weed once you get it.

Why Do You Need to Store Your Bud Properly?

  1. Smell-

The classic stoner’s dilemma. Smelling like pot can be a real hassle. Of course, even when you’re not smoking it, the smell penetrates, offering a tantalizing delight for smokers and a red flag for the uninitiated. In fact, as a general rule, the smellier the bud, the better it is.

There are plenty of reasons that you may want to hide the odor; from a parental visit to a risky travel, or even unfriendly roommates. Unfortunately, many traditional storage options such as plastic baggies or tinfoil just do not provide the same anonymity many stoners crave. Later on, we’ll take a look at proper alternatives.

2. Freshness-

Did you know that the longer your pot is exposed to air, the faster it loses potency? Air dries it out, and causes all the dankness to filter out into nothingness. What you’re left with is the dry, flakey weed that falls apart at the touch and barely causes a high. Many times when a person has mids or reggie or whatever people from your area call mediocre weed, it is because it has not been stored properly and dried out.

There are many ways to combat this, but again, casual options are just not up to snuff in the freshness department. Think about it, if you get a pound of dried beef and leave it on your counter for 3 days, its going to go bad, right? The same thing holds true for pot, the more airtight the storage, the longer it stays fresh.

What Makes a Good Storage Container?

Here is a general list of things that may come into play in your storage needs.

  1. Airtightness- This actually matters for both of the factors we covered before. Air not getting out will keep the smell from leaking out for all the world. Air not getting in will keep your weed fresh and sticky and potent. Most containers will accomplish airtightness, as it is a standard need on any weed storage device
  2. Discreetness- We haven’t touched on this issue yet, but often times, you might not want people to know that you have some amount of marijuana on you. Even though legalization is likely in the near future, recent reports suggest that it may be delayed beyond 2018. You’ll likely want to continue to limit your exposure until then. There are many different options for discreetness from objects that look like something else, to hidden pockets.
  3. Mobility- This is another overlooked issues. Certain containers may be great for the home, but can’t fit in your pocket or even a backpack. A safe is generally a tight and discreet, but can’t be taken when traveling even short distances.
  4. Light and Temperature- This is an interesting one, and plays into freshness quite a bit. Weed keeps much better when stored at cool temperatures in little light. In addition to your choice of container, you should think about location. Basements, pantries, and other chilly, dark rooms are ideal options to keep your bud sticky and strong.

What Container Should You Use?

Now we’re at the important part of it. What is going to work for you? There are a number of options that might be right for you. Here are some choices, and what they are best for:

Image result for mason jar

  1. Mason Jars- The go to for many stoners. They are affordable and can be made airtight. They unfortunately do not score high in discreetness due to the fact that they are see-through. For long-term storage, you can store your pot in a cool, dark place in your jars to make your weed last for months. The Hidden Can Storage Method
  2. The Secret Object- There are a number of examples of this method. The most common one on the market is the secret soda can storage compartment. But the basic idea remains the same across the board. Take a household object, insulate it, and turn it into a hidden compartment. The more innocuous the object, the better. This technique is often applied to the aforementioned soda cans, books, and backpacks. The effectiveness generally depends on what you’re willing to spend. As they get more expensive, they tend to be more airtight, and smell free.
  3. Vacuum Sealer- This is an increasingly popular option for the secure stoner. You will need to spend a little extra on the vacuum sealer but the results are noticeable. It accomplishes freshness right off the bat by sealing in the weed and taking out all of the air. It also kills the smell which can be dangerous for many stoners. Once you have sealed your weed in the bag, you may need to find another hiding place, but this is much more easily addressed.

Where Not To Store Your Weed.

  1. The fridge/freezer- This seems like an ideal place. A cold and dark place that reduces smell and is discreet seems like an ideal location. Unfortunately, the refrigerator  kills the trichomes on the bud that is responsible for the most potent parts of the pot. The bottom line is that you should never store your pot in the fridge or freezer.
  2. Plastic- We already touched on the fact that plastic bags are no good, but this goes for all plastic containers. While, in the short term, you shouldn’t have to worry too much, if you keep your weed in plastic for long enough it will start to develop an unpleasant and artificial taste. Keep your weed in glass, wood, or specifically designed containers for the best freshness.


Now that you’re ready to stash your stash in the most efficient manner, you should be ready for anything the stoner life throws at you. Good luck, and stay sneaky friends!


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