The 8 Best Shows To Binge Watch For A Stoner

To Live Is To Binge

The Binge Will Rule Your Life

Welp, the winds of winter are still raging and there is no reason to go outside unless you have work or are a polar bear. Instead, why don’t you stay inside where its warm and where you can catch up on the golden age of television with some shows that don’t suck.

Smoking and binge watching tv are like the perfect combination. We’re here to tell you which shows you might like based on your mutual interest in tv and in smoking the ganja. This is obviously just a small list of the thousands of shows that are out there, but they should help you get started in your journey of binge. Enjoy, and be careful not to get sucked into a wormhole of great tv. Remember, spring is just around the corner. But here are 10 great shows for stoners to tide you over until them.

1. Rick & Morty

You probably have heard of this show thanks to the insane fanbase of nerds enthusiasts that has made this into a bonafide phenomenon. For the uninitiated, this is a happy show about the relationship between a meek grandson and his genius scientist grandpa. Except that its twisted and insane and disturbing as well.

This is a show about a family that can’t quite make it work in one of the most original sci-fi worlds this side of Battlestar Galactica. Not to mention that it is also absolutely hilarious. A perfect show for stoners because of the humor, inventiveness, and absolute visual absurdity. Check it out now.

Where can I watch?: Hulu or

2. Portlandia

Portland, Oregon has become a sort of hipster paradise in the United States. Portlandia finds two comedians, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, lovingly satirizing this strange city through sketches and vignettes. The pair have crafted a charming world full of loving characters, and absurd premises.

They capture the charm of the alternate world of Portland where everybody eats farm-to-table and is working on an off-brand creative project. The opening bit of Portlandia, a short song called “The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Portland,” sets the tone for the absurdity to come. Perfect for binge watching since you can pop into any episode and not be lost.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

3. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Binge Always Sunny


Taking it a step further than Seinfeld, this show follows a group of friends who are just terrible people through and through. And yet its impossible not to love the insanity that they get involved in.

Laugh out loud hilarious and often poignant, this is a show you need to check out, even if it might not be to your taste.

Where can I watch?: Hulu

4. Black Mirror

Not for the faint of heart, this is another huge show that hits pretty close to home. Black Mirror is an anthology series that follows people experiencing the pitfalls of technology.

Not to give too much away, since that’s the fun of this show, but each episode is full of wild and disturbing twists and turns that will leave you wholly unsettled. Binge this, but be ready for some messed up stuff.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

5. Stranger Things

The 80s are back thanks to Stranger Things, Netflix’s hit show that follows a group of kids in small town USA. Mysteries, suspense and an incredible soundtrack makes this the ultimate binge show.

A constant barrage of homages to the 80s adds a twinge of nostalgia that people just can’t get enough of. Jump on the Stranger Things train while its still full steam ahead.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

6. Bojack Horseman

One of the lesser known gems on this list, Will Arnett’s Bojack Horseman is both hilarious and shockingly depressing. Following former sitcom star, Bojack, this show explores show business and mental illness in an at-times devastating fashion.

That’s not to say that its not full of laughs, since it is. Fully realized characters exist in an absurd world completely fully of animal puns and insane rules. You will laugh and cry in equal turn.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

7. Planet Earth II

The sequel to the hit nature show that captivated people all over the world. You haven’t lived until you’ve smoked a bowl and watched a lizard barely escape the clutches of hundreds of hungry snakes. Narrator and British Icon David Attenborough has the perfect voice for sucking you in and not letting go.

Amazing to watch over and over again since you’ll notice something new each time thanks to the incredible high-quality cameras. Binge this as soon as you can.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

You Need To Binge Planet Earth II Right Now


8. The Office

The ultimate workplace sitcom, this started in Britain, but really hit its peak with the American version starring Steve Carrell. Hijinks ensue thanks to Carrell’s dopey boss Michael Scott and co.

Funny, classic, and full of heart. If you haven’t watched the office yet, you’re missing out on one of the most enjoyable shows ever. Stop what you’re doing and binge.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

9. Weeds

This show had to make it on the list, since its actually about weed. But besides that, its also a lovely show about a suburban mom who decides to score big in the illegal pot business. Funny and charming, this show also covers family drama and the issues coming of age in a modern, suburban world.

While it runs a little past its prime, we still recommend giving this show a shot thanks to its humor and of course the fact that its about the stuff you’ll be smoking.

Where can I watch?: Netflix

10. Master Chef

This is the ultimate show to binge because its so damn enjoyable. Follow amazing amateur chefs chasing their dreams in a cookoff of epic proportions.

These chefs are put through the ringer thanks to Gordon Ramsay and other celebrity judges who challenge and force them to become master chefs. Just don’t get too sucked in, cooking shows can be a black hole of television. Also the munchies will kick up pretty fierce when watching these guys go at it.

Where can I watch?: Hulu


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