The 7 Best Strains To Help You Sleep

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For some people, sleep comes as easy as the mailman. On time every day with no fear of distress. Others can fall asleep at any time. Simply put their heads down and tune out the world around like you would turn off the tv. But too many of us don’t have that ability. Millions of people struggle to fall asleep every night, lying awake and remaining tired the next day.

Insomnia is a destructive affliction that can hamper productivity and penetrate every aspect of your life. Anyone who has spent a whole day exhausted thanks to a night of tossing and turning knows how destructive it can be. Luckily, if you’re a stoner, there are options for you. Weed can be one of the most powerful and natural sleep aids in the world. But make sure to choose carefully because certain strains can actually do the opposite. So here is the Pot Vault’s suggested best strains to help you get to sleep.

1. UCB Chemo

This pure indica strain is a favorite for doctors prescribing medical marijuana to cancer patients. Its high potency helps decrease nausea and increase appetite. But, here, we’re recommending UCB Chemo for its immense knockout power.

This strain boasts an impressive 21% THC content, which is a serious punch. You’ll love this strain for when you need to get to sleep quickly and surely. This is the absolute best choice for people who have trouble falling asleep.

2. Granddaddy Purple

This is a famous indica strain that is quite well-known among stoners. It provides a strong high that hits the head hard and often. You’ll notice the purple trichomes and berry aroma that is the trademark of Granddaddy Purp.

What makes it so good for sleep is the intense, physical relaxation that accompanies its psychological effects. If you have a rough day at work or in the rest of your life, then this is an excellent choice to unwind when you get home.

3. Black Bart

This hybrid strain is indica dominant, which you might notice as a theme throughout this list. It has a nice, spicy aroma that feels unique among strains. Its been used to treat stress and insomnia for over 30 years and there’s good reason for that.

Because it is a hybrid strain, Black Bart has the ability to really hit both the body and the mind and provide a powerful feeling of relaxation that is perfect for getting to sleep. What you’ll love about this is the fact that you will feel it all over so to speak. Your mind will slow down and your body will become heavy. Its great for smoking and climbing right into bed as you’re just getting ready to go to sleep.

4. Ice Cream

This delicious strain will have you out like a light. Its worth a test for the flavor alone, which is strong and sweet, often reminding smokers of candy or ice cream.

Its also a very relaxing choice that is great for a night in when you just want to order takeout an relax. It also is known for inducing the munchies, so we recommend having food on hand. We like this for the full quiet night in experience, which everyone needs from time to time. Forget dealing with anyone else, treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream and a nice movie or video game night that is probably long overdue.

5. Afghan Kush

This strain can be traced back to the mountains along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a pure indica with a delicious, spicy licorice taste that will have no problem knocking you out.

Users often report extreme laziness and heavy munchies after smoking this, so be prepared to not do much else after packing a bowl of the Afghan Kush. You will have a tough time getting anything done after this, so always do what you need to do before going to sleep before you smoke Afghan Kush.

6. Ogre

This is a skunky and dank strain that is great for getting to sleep at any time. You’ll notice a distinct, musky mango smell that might be off-putting.

What is great about this strain is its heavy knockout effects that really pack a heavy punch. If you feel like you need to get to sleep and quick, then there are few better choices than a packed bowl of Ogre. Extreme relaxation and happiness usually follow a nice blunt of Ogre. We like it when its time to relax and watch a movie or binge some tv before sleep because it won’t put you out right away and the happiness is always a wonderful way to end the day.

7. Cotton Candy

This is one of the milder choices on this list, which can be perfect for a long evening that culminates with a heavy dose of sleep. Its also not the first to have a delicious taste that certainly helps Cotton Candy earn its name.

While not the strongest, this is a solid hybrid, so you won’t be couch locked after two hits. We like to smoke this after a long day of work because you can come home and smoke a joint of Cotton Candy immediately. It won’t get in the way of making dinner and preparing for the next day like some of the other strains on this list.

And there you have it. If we can make one recommendation beyond this, its that you should stick to the indicas for nighttime use. They’ll help knock you out and get you in the right place for sleep.

You’ll notice that many of these strains are available right here on The Pot Vault for your medicinal use. We recommend trying them out before using chemical sleep aids and more powerful pills like Ambien because marijuana doesn’t bring the side effects of these questionable choices.

Until next time, stay sleepy!


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