The 5 Best Ways To Stay Warm With Weed

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There’s no avoiding the cold. Like death and taxes, the cold is just a fact of life, and we all have to work around it. Unfortunately, if you’re a stoner, staying warm is actually harder than than it is for most. That is because THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, has been shown to lower your body temperature when in your system.

But, if you’re like us, just stopping smoking 5 months out of the year is simply not an option. Likewise, neither is staying inside with the heat on like a hibernating bear. Luckily, we’re here to help you find some creative ways to keep warm while still puffing. Here are the 8 best ways we could find!

1. Make a Warm Weed Drink

Everyone loves a hot drink in the wintertime. Its practically a way of life. Of course, alcoholic drinks such as the Hot Toddy have been around forever, but now cannabis drinks are starting to come around as a trend as well. There are many variations, but our favorites include pot chocolate and weed tea.

The warm drink will counteract the lowering of your body temperature and get you ready for anything the winter can throw at you. Here is one guide how to make a couple different weed teas that should help in your pursuit of the ultimate hot drink. Remember that simply putting weed in hot water will only give you soggy, weed-flavored tea. You will need to make some concentrate in order to initiate the effects of the THC.

2. Hot Box an Igloo

This is an old stoner classic. The idea goes that when it shows enough, you can build a small hut made of snow to keep you warm while you hot box the inside. Let’s break this down because it actually accomplishes a few important things.

First, it keeps you out of the cold. This has been done for hundreds of years. Your body temperature alone will keep your temporary home nice and warm as you fill it with some loud. You’re shielded from wind and more falling snow in a surprisingly comfortable home.

Second, it gets you higher. The whole idea of the hot box is that it keeps the extra smoke from escaping into nothing. All the smoke burning off your joint or bowl will now stick around in your snow home and hopefully end up in your system sooner or later.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to go about packing the snow and actually living like the ancient people, here’s a guide to building your very own igloo.

3. Build a Fire

This one might be common sense, but you’d be surprised. Keep some dry wood handy for when the snow really starts to pile up. Dig a fire pit or buy a pre-made one, so that you’re all ready to go. There’s nothing better than a warm cup of pot cocoa or a nice blunt by a raging fire.

4. Bundle Up

Again, this one is something you probably know already, but we can help you gear up in the right way. The way of the stoner.

First, start at the basics with some cannabis socks to get your right and show off your pride. Stoner Days sells a variety of weed-inspired socks that will be perfect for keeping you warm and stylish.

Second, you might want a pair of gloves specifically designed for use with marijuana in the cold. Enter the Anex Stash Gloves. They are designed with a hidden pocket specifically for stashing your weed in an easy container.

Next, you should figure out a smoking apparatus so that you’re not fumbling around in the cold trying to roll a blunt or pack a bowl. We recommend a vape for maximum convenience. Check out this guide when selecting a vape. Another option is to pre roll your joint before you brave the cold weather. Either way, the key here is to be prepared and make sure you’re ready to face the icy wind of the Canadian winter.

5. Know Your Strain

One thing you can definitely do to avoid the lowering of your body temperature is choose your strain carefully. Because THC is the ingredient that causes your blood temperature to drop, you should choose a strain with a lower THC content.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get mids though. There are plenty of options that offer a higher CBD content for a body high that will get you through even the most frigid days. It will also keep you more active and give you more energy to work up a sweat and avoid becoming glued to the couch.

We recommend our Strawberry Ice strain for a nice sativa dominant strain that is heavy on the bodily effects.


Now that you’re armed with the best gear and survival tactics to brave the snow with a supreme high. Still, remember to be careful and study the signs of hypothermia so you’re not caught unaware.  Don’t take unnecessary risks and always have a place indoors to get warm if you find yourself freezing.

With that in mind, stay burnt!


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