The 5 Best Strains To Celebrate The Spring

Spring Awakening

Ahh, The Classic Spring Smoke Sesh

Welp, the Spring is approaching more quickly than expected. It’s hard to tell with the wild weather that has taken us from point at to point b at insane speeds, but the warm should be upon us in a couple weeks. So what does that mean? Well, you’ll probably start spending more time outside. And you might have to do some pretty intense cleaning, which sucks, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

But there’s one thing that, if you are anything like us, will be the best part of your Spring adventures. We’re talking about weed of course. If you don’t love that first puff of brisk, Spring bud, then we don’t know what you like. The fact is that its just one of the best feelings in the world.

Now, you’re not gonna want to spend your first days after hibernation just glued to the couch, zonked out of your mind. So for that, we’re here to suggest some strains that will help you have all the fun without losing your mind. Here are the 5 best strains for bringing in the Spring.

1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Ahh, the name alone should tell you all you need to know about this powerful high. ATF brings a crazy potent but uplifting high that is great for the daytime use you will surely want to put in during the Spring. It is a 50/50 sativa and indica hybrid, which means that you will want to be careful not to smoke to much and end up locked to the couch.

However, this is absolutely the best strain for the first foray into the wilderness. When the frosts have frozen and the sprouts are just beginning to bloom and everything is misty and beautiful and you can’t get enough of looking at the world. The awesome part about this being a powerful hybrid is that you’ll feel it in your body and your head. You won’t just feel it, you’ll experience it. And that’s all you could ask for out of a Spring strain.

2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is another insanely potent classic that will have you wavy as the ocean after just a few hits. This is a pure sativa, so the focus and energy that it brings are almost unparalleled. Boasting an impressive 24 percent THC content, you will feel this immediately and for a long time to come. This just kicks and gives you the overdrive that you will need for some serious exploring.

Speaking of, this is the strain for the adventurers. The ones who are ready to brave the woods for days at a time, and maybe have been through the winter. The outdoorsy types love this strain for the euphoria and energy. But that doesn’t mean that its not great for a normal day out. The best thing about this strain is that you can smoke it in the morning, and feel no negative consequences the time night rolls around. Perfect for an all-day adventure.

3. Pink Kush

Pink Kush is gonna be for one of the chiller days you have this Spring. As an 80% indica dominant hybrid strain, it really packs some serious firepower, but can lead to you getting ripped out of your mind. It gives you a serious case of euphoria followed by the munchies, which should be perfect for a nice day in the spring.

We recommend this for a backyard bbq with some friends. Or a nice day out at an outdoor seated restaurant. Think of this, pack a picnic lunch and a bowl of Pink Kush, and relax in the quiet of the woods or a park or the beach and listen to the sounds of the world while you munch to your heart’s content. Then, you can lie down and nap if you so choose, or explore the feeling of spring. The perfect chill day in the 2nd chillest season.

4. Gorilla Glue #4

This is an impossibly potent sativa dominant hybrid that packs an insane amount of THC. Levels range between 25 and 28 percent, which is almost unheard of. Indeed, you will need to be ready for the power of this strain. It can be known to knock people out, but as a sativa, its not as much of a problem as it could be.

This is the perfect choice for a controlled environment like an amusement park or mini golf. Somewhere you can quit without facing serious repercussions, but also where you can still have an energizing adventure. Absolutely wonderful for a quick day out at the mall or something you have missed in your months locked away from the cold.

5. Hawaiian Snow

Rounding it out, we have one more pure sativa for that energetic high. This is a less potent strain than some of the others on this list, clocking in at an 18% THC content. However, that doesn’t mean that Hawaiian Snow won’t get you high. On the contrary, you will get hit hard and have a perfect high for an all day buzz.

This is perfect for your Spring cleaning activities because you can be stoned and productive without losing your mind. Anything active like going on your first run of the new year is also strongly encouraged.


So there it is. Hopefully there is a strain for everybody on this list, we would not want anyone to feel left out. Now is the time to pack a thick bowl of some sweet Georgia green and see the sights, live the life, and seek adventure. Step out once again and reclaim your affinity for nature and the primal instinct that has been sapped by the cold and disaffecting convenience of a modern winter. Break free and live again, and, most importantly, get blazed first. Until next time, good luck and stay springy!


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