Where Does Weed Stack Up Against Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Weed and Drugs

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Alright, let’s get a little more medical than usual today, and talk about the incredible benefits of weed when compared to traditional forms of medication. This is truly exciting, and one of the absolute coolest things about weed other than the fact that it gets you stoned. Weed is just incomparable in its effects when compared to other drugs.

Much has been made about the medicinal qualities of the marijuana plant and how they have been used for centuries. But now things are progressing even further with advances in CBD and other forms of weed. So let’s get into some of the reasons that weed can be much better than pharmaceutical drugs.

1. No Overdoses

All over North America, prescription drugs have become a serious threat to society. They are taken in excess and abused to the highest extent. Painkillers such as opioids and anti-anxiety medications like Xanax have been particularly destructive in their effects. The fact of the matter is that they are dangerous and not only cause severe addiction, but are attributed to overdose related deaths everyday. This is terrifying, especially for something so readily available.

But weed has never been linked to an overdose death. Now, this is a fact that most stoners know and tend to quote ad nauseam, but that is because its important. Medicinal marijuana is used to treat many of the same things that these killer drugs are. Anxiety, depression, and chronic pain can all be alleviated to some degree with the use of weed. And the fact that no deaths arise from these uses is pretty insane and vital to the industry going forward.

The worst thing that happens to people who smoke to much weed is that they get way too high, but it eventually goes away. There’s just no comparison to death or serious health complications that can arise. This isn’t to say that those drugs have no value, but there is serious risk involved in them. Its something to seriously consider.

2. No Industrial Complex

Sorry, we’re about to get a bit political in here. This is less of a problem in Canada than it is in the United States because of our state run healthcare, but that doesn’t mean that prescription drugs are not controlled by an industry that makes money from other people’s misfortune. The fact is that even with generic drugs, its not like pharmaceuticals are easy to replicate on your own. This leads to a monopoly of sorts based on the companies that have the ability to manufacture.

Enter weed. So simple that almost anyone can grow it. Its easy and hard to regulate just for that reason. Don’t worry about the government getting control of your weed supply because you can buy seeds. Even when it does become legal (hopefully in the next year) there is only so much that the government can do to stop you from growing your own. There is simply no comparison between the ease of obtaining weed compared to prescription drugs.

3. It Treats More Than Just Symptoms

Something interesting about bud that many people might not realize is that it doesn’t just target the symptoms of a disease like traditional drugs. In many cases, it actually attacks the underlying causes of the disease in addition. This might not sound like much, but think of it as a drug that works to help you feel better now and then later.

For instance, weed can often actually help kill Cancer cells in the body. That is what makes it such an effective treatment. Not only does it help increase your appetite and reduce pain and some of the psychological factors, but it also works to treat the disease itself. This is insane to think about and another reason that marijuana is such a special crop. The same sorts of effects have been shown with diseases like Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. The point is that its like two for the price of one when it comes to treatment.

4. Its Cheaper

Pharmaceutical drugs are expensive. Even if its just your insurance paying for it, it ends up costing money in the long run. If you are dealing with a serious illness, drugs tend to run as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. The government may be paying it, but it still leads back to you one way or another.

On the other hand, weed is cheap. Now, I know if you’ve ever paid $60 for an eighth, you’d disagree, but on a large scale its crazy cheap. Its so much better to produce and easier and cheaper that its almost incomparable. And again, it can be produced on an individual scale meaning that people who rely on it can actually grow it on their own without having to use a drug company as a middle man.

5. Choice

This is a relatively simple reason that we wanted to mention. This article isn’t here to suggest that weed should replace traditional drugs entirely, only that it offers people an alternative to the mass-produced pills and treatments of the modern era. It allows for options in a market that has had so few for many years. And not only that, it allows you to replace at least some of the prescriptions that lead to side effects that bud has none of. Its just a simple and easy reason that makes too much sense to ignore.


So there is some context about why people are so high (pun intended) on the idea of marijuana as a medicinal crop. Now, of course this isn’t a very scientific analysis, so there are numerous other reasons why people like the idea so much, but this is something to really think about. There are just so many uses out there that its silly we haven’t been researching it for years. In any case, now is better than never, so let’s keep up the good work. Until next time, good luck and stay healthy!


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