Know Your Strain: Bubba Kush

With all of the options these days, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the pot strains and accessories on the market. Luckily, The Pot Vault is here to help with our new running series, Know Your Strain, to keep you up to date on everything that’s out there. 

Today, we’ll be tackling one of the most potent and insane strains on the market, Bubba Kush. This absolute powerhouse is one of the more mysterious strains on the market. We’ll dig in and see what we find hidden within its heavy nugs.

Bubba Sparxx

No Relation To Bubba Sparxx

Where Does Bubba Kush Come From?

As we mentioned with the above picture, this strain has unfortunately little to do with American rapper, Bubba Sparxx, or his classic song Ms. New Booty. Unfortunately, that is about all we know.

Due to poor documentation and a helpful hint of people not caring, there’s some question as to where this strain actually come from. Experts guess that it probably comes from the Afghan region, but everything else is basically a blank slate.

We do need to mention its content though, because this stuff is chock full of goodness and love. Boasting an unheard of 27% THC content, this will absolutely blow you away in the potency department. As a pure indica, it is a serious head high that will help you drift gently to another dimension.

What Does Bubba Kush Look Like?

This is a very distinct strain for a few reasons. One, is the incredibly dense array of trichomes that litter this strain and make it glisten in the light. It is a beautiful, crystalline mix of green, and orange, and purple. It shows a true beauty of something that is powerful and also mysterious.

Perhaps reminding you of its curious origin, the crystals hide the nature of the bud, refracting the colors like a tiny prism. The deep purple veins running through the leaves blur and transform, perhaps expanding its mystery. This is a strain unlike any other, and it wants you to know that. It is surely one of the more beautiful sights in the marijuana business. Something truly unique. Cherish it.

What Does Bubba Kush Taste Like?

The earth. That is what Bubba Kush will remind you of. Your primal instinct. Its earthy scent brings a hint of pine, as if running through a coniferous forest, you happened upon a shocking and potent find. Instantly after smoking, you will be transported from the forest to the threshold of time and space. You will see yourself in in that forest. Looking down and wondering how you ever became so small.

This thrash from the literal, the physical and human plan where your body lurks in the dirt and the soil, to the transcendent, where you hover above it all, untethered to time and space and the toils of your ancestors, is what makes Bubba kush so special.

Taste and effect become one, and you will pine for the feeling once more as you smell the green world when you take your morning stroll and when you lay down for bed with your window open on a brisk spring eve.

What Are the Effects of Bubba Kush?

As always, we are guessing this is why you really came here. No one looks up weed to see what it tastes like, they want to know what it does. Luckily, in the case of Bubba Kush, the answer is quite a lot.

This is a crazy potent strain, as you may have guessed from the THC content. You will feel it immediately and for a long time, if you stay awake that long. See, the thing about this strain is that it makes you heavily relaxed and couch locked. Now, you might think at first that that is a negative, but you would be missing out on all the positives of that.

This is a pure indica, and if you know anything about those, you will know some of the effects of Bubba Kush. You will smoke this and immediately become aloof and relaxed. It is perfect to put on a movie and relax after smoking a bowl of this powerful stuff. It will calm you down if you are stressed, and will help with a racing mind or angry soul.

And of course, being a strain of cannabis, there are serious medicinal benefits as well. Here are some of the maladies that Bubba Kush has been known to treat.

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Headaches/ Chronic Pain

So that’s a lot of things. You will do best smoking this before bed because after the high wears off, it tends to pass you out pretty quickly. Great for insomnia, not great for activity. Smoke this at night for obvious reasons.

Where Can I Get It?

Ohh, you say, you have convinced me and its time to test your word. That can be arranged, but not as easily as you may wish. Like its questionable path to the world, this can prove to be an elusive strain. Don’t think you can just waltz into any old dispensary and find yourself a nice ounce of that Bubba Kush. No, you will need a serious hookup for this intense high.

Luckily, we have you covered if you so choose. Bubba Kush is available on The Pot Vault and you can pick it up today. Just check it out here, select how much you want, and you’ll find yourself smoking that good kush for a long time to come.


So there you have it, everything you’d ever want to know about Bubba Kush. You will love this if you need a strain to calm you down after a long day. We recommend it highly. Until next time, stay stoned!


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