The 5 Best Strains For Deep Thoughts

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There’s a time for everything, and while some people may forget it, many people love a good deep thinking sesh. This is when you dig down and get to the heart of the world and what it means to be alive. Or something like that anyway. But here’s the thing, often people need a little extra help to get those creative juices flowing.

Some people need to exercise, to get their heart rate up. Others may want play some trippy music and close their eyes. But for a lot of us, the stoners, the outcasts, etc, there is only one great option. Sparking up some bud and getting into the groove of thought. Here’s the thing though. Not every strain of weed does the same thing. Some choices in weed might actually put you to sleep or make you so full of energy that you won’t be able to focus enough to think hard.

Because of that, we’ve made it a bit easier for you. Here are the best strains for when you need to get some serious, hardcore thinking done.

1. Berry Bomb

A great hybrid, that is 85% indica and 15% sativa, this relative of Blueberry X Bomb is the perfect choice for getting deep and philosophical. The indica will hit you hard with the psychoactive effects, while the portion of sativa will help keep you awake and alert. With a 15-20% THC content, you will get plenty ripped, but not so bad you’ll end up on another planet.

Berry Bomb is a great euphoric and creative high that can be smoked say or night without getting locked to the couch. It is perfect for sparking up and then questioning your place in the universe, watching some Cosmos on Netflix, or just zoning into the ethereal realm and floating from there. You will love the sweet, berry flavor and aroma, but you’ll be even more excited by the uplifting feeling of true peace.

2. Island Pink

This is a real doozy, as they say. Island Pink is an 80% indica dominant hybrid that packs a wallop. Descended from one of the strains of lore, Pink Kush, it is a powerhouse of potency and practically pulsing with philosophical potential. The sweet grapefruit flavor will lead to amber waves of thought thanks to the 20% THC content and a little CBD and CBN mixed in for good measure.

Often used for medicinal purposes, this is also a perfect strain for hashing out your meaning in the universe with a good blunt and some nice tunes. Invite a friend over and ponder the questions that have haunted humans since the dawn of time. With enough of the Island Pink, you might just find some of the answers you’re looking for.

3. Tom Ford

Not content to be just a powerhouse in the fashion world, Tom Ford has pushed the limits of his branding by also producing one of the most potent weed strains on the market. While he technically has no affiliation with the strain, we like to think it has his patented seal of approval stamped on every nug.

This indica dominant hybrid brings an insane high thanks to its unheard of THC levels of 23-25%. You will certainly be feeling existential after a good blunt of this stuff, but luckily, it doesn’t lead to sleep immediately. You will feel relaxed, but happy and full of energy. Be warned that there’s a good chance you will be locked on the couch for the foreseeable future after smoking some Tom Ford Pink Kush.

This is a perfect strain for a quiet night of putting your life into perspective with some good ol’ fashioned deep diving into your psyche. We recommend cutting off phone and internet activity for a night and really digging deep into your soul, assuming you determine that human beings actually have souls. A good bit of thinking goes great with Tom Ford because after a few hours you will be tired out and ready for bed.

4. Kish

This is the first pure indica on this list and it is no slouch to say the least. Also know as Shiskaberry, Kish is a dense and dank strain that is notable for its 21% THC content as well as its distinguishing features. Through flecks of orange and green, you’ll notice the dankest of crystals growing throughout. It also hits very quickly and hard, which had made it a favorite among stoners.

This is a great strain for a spurt of creativity or thinking at the end of the night. If you need to hammer some thoughts out, and figure out what’s really on your mind, this is a great choice. Take it right before bed because its effects hit quickly, but do not last a long time. After they wear off, you will be left feeling exhausted and ready for a good, deep sleep.

5. Ice Cream

One of our favorites, we want to switch things up a bit for the last one on the list. Ice Cream is an almost even hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa. It is on the lighter side, containing about 21% THC, but it still packs a lot of punch in its creamy folds. This is a well known medicinal choice that is great because of the energy and euphoria it provides. You’ll feel uplifted and ready to go about your day, though its psychoactive effects are notably present.

This is a great choice for some social thought. If you and a few fellow intellectuals need to get together and go over the prevailing issues in today’s society, then this is a great choice. If reasoned debate among scholars is right up your alley, smoke a J of ice cream and argue away. Consider this for any group thought, but be sure to avoid groupthink!


And here you go, we’ve set you up with the tools, but now its time to put them to use. Smoke and think. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime that just so happens to take place all in your head. Good luck, and keep on thinkin!


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